“I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind.”..

Antoine de St Exupery

We all have thoughts and for many of us they are anxious, ruminating and judgemental. We long to switch off the circuit so that we can have peace and enjoy life. Often we feel driven by all that needs “doing” leading to feelings of stress and anxiety which can affect our relationships, our work and ultimately our health.

Life need not be like this. We just need to understand our thinking pattern and realise that we can change it. We don't need to be controlled by worry and fear.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind.” ..  William James

Through Mindfulness we develop an awareness of how our mind works and that by bringing our attention to the present moment through our breath, we can find space in our hectic life. Suddenly we view it with a new understanding and perspective. Instead of being swept along in a current of worrying thoughts and frantic activity we can stand back and make a choice about how we wish to respond. Mindfulness practice doesn't get rid of problems it helps us to change our relationship to them.

Scientific research confirms that mindfulness is one of the most powerful ways to bring radical change to your life. It can be used to cope with medical symptoms, physical and emotional pain, stress and depression and recently it has been introduced to the school curriculum. Over the last 10 years numerous books have been written on the subject and people are realising that we have much to learn from ancient meditative methods taught in a secular way.


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To quote some participants:

"The course has given me a different perspective on life making me more aware of myself and therefore of others. My life is calmer and more balanced and my partner and work colleagues have noticed how differently I deal with stress and anxiety." Editor/Journalist

“The course has helped me recognise difficult emotions and tendencies to worry and sometimes be negative. More importantly I feel I have learned ways of moving away from these old habits and patterns of behaviour. The concept of being “kind to myself” is a very new experience for me and one that is very useful and helpful on a day to day basis.” Practice Nurse

"The course is easy to comprehend. Meets you where you are in life. It changes you even though you may not realise it. Physically my blood pressure and heart rate are down and I am emotionally calmer" Specialist Nurse

"I would absolutely recommend the course to others. Both those retired like myself but more particularly for those with busy stressful lives who are struggling to balance demands." Retired University Lecturer

The Course can help anyone dealing with stress, anxiety or health issues. It is also helpful for those who would like strategies to deal with the pace of modern life, or just the challenge of being human. You don't have to have previous experience of meditation, or mindfulness or a particular problem. It is held at my home in Enfield if you would prefer a one to one experience, or a small group. Larger groups of 5 - 10 people are held at Vita Pax near Oakwod Station. Parking is available for both locations.


For a clearer understanding look at the following videos on U Tube

"What meditation really is" Jon Kabat Zinn

"BBC Investigates “Can Mindfulness help us deal with stress.”

Rebecca Crane from Bangor University who talks about stress and how mindfulness can help us to manage it better. "Rebecca Crane - Mindfulness"

Vidyamala Burch "Living well with Pain and Illness"

Vidyamala Burch "Mindfulness for Health"

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